Fidelity and Crime Insurance - William Velin - Friday - Fidelity and Crime Insurance addresses the most common threats to organizations, including losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, computer fraud, and the disappearance or destruction of property. Trusted employees, internal and external oversight, risk management may believe that your company has everything in place to prevent fraud. But when it comes to occupational fraud and abuse, no business is safe. Fraud can happen in any organization, large or small, so it is important to have the right coverage.

Safety Resources for Auto Recyclers - Sue Schauls - Friday - A Safety Program is vital to tracking and training employees on OSHA safety requirements. But don’t let red tape distract you from keeping your employees safe. Maintaining OSHA compliance and a safe shop go hand-in-hand. This session will make safety simple, let common sense be the guide and then implement a simple solution to tracking to complete the simple steps for safe automotive recyclers!

Basic Forklift Safety - Paul Secker - Friday - OSHA requires forklift operators to be trained. For the safety of your employees and customers this is an important topic worth your attention. Forklift accidents result in thousands of injuries in the US each year. Learn operational dynamics and increase your awareness of safety features. A discussion about forklift and wheel loader safety is included. This presentation is meant to provide a classroom introduction to safety, but the practical ‘road test’ portion is not included.

Training for Growth…..building a healthy organization for sustainability! - Terry Westedt - Saturday - AIt’s important for owners and managers to have the right vision and business plan for strategic healthy growth. This will help you evaluate your business from a new perspective and give you the steps to build the vision, the plan, and the culture, getting the people on board, along with technology and product diversification!

Motor Service & Machine...New Technology for Testing Engines - Daniel Donegan - Saturday - Topics covered will include information on how to run an effective internet marketing program, finding out who your customers are, developing repeat sales, communicating with today’s electronic customers and selling parts for top dollar. He will also share his strategy on quickly identifying the quality of parts on cars being processed in your yards. This technique can save up to two hours per car.

Technology….Inventory……and the Estimates - Terry Westedt - Saturday - One of the biggest difficulties we face today is getting our parts inventories into the market place so they can be seen by estimators and adjusters. This will help you “keep it clean” and get you seen! How investing in technology and cleaning our inventory “words” and codes will improve visibility and sell more!